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Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a revolutionary, non-invasive personalized whole-body exercise program aimed at addressing muscle dysfunction. By improving the individual function of each muscle, MAT improves the body’s ability to handle stress, trauma, and overuse. MAT is for everyone whose muscles or joints are not working at an optimal level.

MAT is a systemic process aimed at helping anyone experiencing muscle dysfunction through a series of muscle strength tests and non-invasive palpation of the muscles. Through the course of our lives, our muscles experience stress, trauma, and overuse which often results in injury, tightness, or pain. MAT reconnects the muscular system to the nervous system increases the strength, range of motion, and reactionary capabilities of the muscles. Your muscles also will become more capable of handling the overuse, stresses, and traumas that they are experiencing.  

A 60 minute MAT session will include a consistent range of motion screens, traditional strength training, and specific muscle testing and palpation. This process will activate muscles that are not functioning and result in increased range of motion, strength, and pain reduction. MAT strength training is a great adjunct to any fitness routine. 

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