Personal Strength Training

Author: Mock Webware |

Personal Strength Training is an important component of your health and your ability to do the activities you want to do. If MAT is working on the wiring of your electrical system, strength training is increasing the amount of wattage in the light bulb. Our goal is to have you walk out feeling better after each session.

Everyone's needs for strength and resistance training are different depending on their goals and capabilities. At Synergy, we have the capabilities using Resistance Training Specialization (RTS) to take you through the exercise continuum, which allows us to take you from no matter where you are to no matter where you want to go. 

During a 60-minute strength training session at Synergy, we will work with you to address specific areas of weakness and then work on full-body strength. Our specialized equipment will enable you to safely work the targeted muscle and to increase the amount of weight and time under tension that is right for you and your goals.

​The overarching philosophy that guides our strength training sessions, is that we are going to help you do what is appropriate for you each day to achieve your goals. This philosophy allows us to take into account how your body is responding to the training and be proactive in our response to possible issues that will arise. 

You will get stronger safely, quickly, and without being sore. We will help you reinvent how you feel - every time you train at Synergy.

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