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Reinventing the Way You Feel

Our goal s to help you reinvent the way you feel and give your body the tools to allow it to function at its highest level. Through a revolutionary, highly-specialized, unique technique called Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) we are able to increase your strength, range of motion and reactionary capabilities of your muscles.

Once we have your muscles running at full capacity, we will work to improve their capacity through an individualized workout program using Resistance Training Specialization (RTS) which focuses on allowing you to achieve your goals and live the life you wish.

Our clients enjoy highly Personalized Fitness Programs that have a tremendous effect on the way they move, feel and their understanding of their own body. We want you to achieve your training and wellness goals - and feel better than you ever thought possible.

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Personal Fitness Trainer San Diego

Our Private Fitness Studio

Reinventing the way you feel

Our private fitness studio is a world class facility which is full of unique tools to get the most out of your workout. We have 50 of the best machines in the world which have been specifically curated to challenge your muscles in a way no other gym can.


Personal Fitness Trainer San Diego

My Fitness Journey

  • Strength Training San Diego
  • Strength Training San Diego
  • Strength Training San Diego
  • Strength Training San Diego

My name is Nate Wehner and I am a certified MAT, RTS and ACE personal strength trainer. I founded Synergy to help people achieve their fitness goals no matter where they are on their fitness journey - and I chose the name "Synergy" because that describes the type of relationship I want to develop one-on-one with each client.

The story of my fitness journey is meant to give you my background, history and a look into my approach towards helping you with your fitness journey.

Since I was a old enough to walk, I have been playing sports. I loved the competition as well as the fact that it gave me an adrenaline rush that I have been unable to replicate. I played soccer, football growing up and in high school was a seven time letter athlete in baseball and basketball.

I continued my baseball career at California Lutheran University where our team won a National Championship and I set the record for career appearances by a pitcher. The key to my ability to not miss a pitching outing for my four years in college was the use of MAT and RTS to treat and prevent injuries.

Playing sports was what I did in my free time but the problem was that my neuro-muscular system was not strong enough to handle the stresses of all the sports I played. Starting in eighth grade I was constantly dealing with tendonitis in my pitching elbow and both of my knees. Through a recommendation from a Physical Therapist, I found Muscle Activation Technique. Through MAT, I was able to stay healthy enough to compete and succeed at a high level. But it wasn't until I combined the techniques of Resistance Training Specialization (RTS) and MAT that I was able to not just not just be reactive to injury but also prevent it.

While playing baseball at CLU, I studied exercise science because I was interested in the human body, and I wanted to be able to help people overcome whatever is preventing them from reaching their potential. While at school, I learned so much that is currently helping me understand how people think about fitness. I didn't realize how special both the MAT and RTS thought processes are. I was taking for granted things that many people don't even realize is possible. I think that these are revolutionary techniques and processes and I hope to be able to help them with you.

My approach to fitness is very individualized. With MAT I am trying to increase muscle function to help your muscles respond better. With RTS, I am manipulating seven different variables in order to design exercises that are appropriate for your body on that given day to challenge your muscular system in such a way that when you walk out of the gym, you are feeling better and stronger. If you want more information on both the MAT and RTS training systems please check our Training page.

My Fitness Journey is not special but it is unique and I am thankful for those who have helped me learn the techniques that I use today, and I am also thankful for those who helped reinforce why these techniques are so beneficial and unlike anything else out there. It has been a strenuous trip and guidance of several fantastic individuals I would not be here today in the position to help people. I understand that your health and fitness are not always a straight line but through the MAT and RTS training techniques I hope to create a lasting impact on my clients health and help guide them through their fitness journey.

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