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    The strength training sessions with Nate helped me get back to doing the things I love

    Even after months of PT, I was still having pain and tightness from my shoulder. The MAT strength training program at Synergy resolved my issues, and I can golf, lift weights and live without pain.

  • In-Home Training San Diego

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    Since going to Nate for MAT, I’ve been able to get back to running without pain

    I had been experiencing foot pain for a few years after running 3 half marathons. Any remedy I tried to get rid of the pain failed until I tried MAT. Since working with Nate I've been able to stay pain free for several months and have been able to start running again.

  • In-Home Training San Diego

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    MAT at Synergy reduced my back pain

    My upper back pains bothered me since I am on my feet a lot during the day. I have never even noticed that my hips were not aligned but with Nate’s MAT approach, he corrected this issue which has reduced my back pain and had a powerful impact on how I feel everyday.

  • In-Home Training San Diego

    Personal Trainer San Diego

    The strength training program at Synergy has improved my game

    My golf coach told me that my game would improve if I had more upper body and core strength. He recommended Nate at Synergy and the strength training has really made a difference in my golf game and how I feel overall!

  • In-Home Training San Diego

    Personal Training San Diego

    Nate's MAT training program is a game changer - I lost 80 lbs

    I'm not only stronger, but also down 80 pounds in the last 6 months from his training and recommendations of a proper diet and essential foods. His workouts are so targeted that I was working out muscles I didn't even know existed.

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    Professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau - MAT helps him win 2020 US Open!

    Bryson is a client of MAT founder Greg Roskop and credits MAT with helping him overcome injury and build strength. Hear Bryson tell his story about the impact MAT has had on his golf game in these two Youtube videos: recovering from shoulder injury and increasing strength.

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Synergy Training and Wellness serves clients across La Jolla, Clairemont, Pacific Beach, Del Mar, San Diego, and the surrounding areas. We also serve clients In-Home and Virtually.

We also serve clients In-Home and Virtually.